Friday, February 14, 2014

Why "Invest Like Me"?

     The blog "Invest Like Me" was started as a way to show friends and other amateur investors my portfolio and how I trade on the stockmarket.  Often times many investment bloggers and professionals give advice but don't really tell you at what price to buy/sell or ask you to pay to see their portfolio or be added to their e-mails.  I am looking to break that. I have been trading stocks for three years and have been very succesful in my returns.  Though the ultimate goal of investing is you make money, I take it as a personal challenge each year to beat myself in three categories that I will cover in a later post, overall profit, profit-per-day, average percent return.  To maximize the use of this blog first check my current portfolio to see which stocks I am invested in and my current plan for each.  Then follow me on twitter at @BlogILM for stock updates and news.

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